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AnthropoviZ is first and foremost a philosophy, combined with mobile app technology, all of which is carefully regulated by an ethical and robust scientific methodology.


 Awareness to help you transform

The cognitive designers at SBT Human(s) Matter believe that your organization can only truly transform if it is transformed from within. However, one of the most powerful factors behind any transformation is based on individual and collective awareness.

AnthropoviZ embodies this philosophy, by encouraging each member of your organization to actively participate in and closely observe day-to-day interactions.


Combining visual anthropology and data visualization

At SBT Human(s) Matter, we have almost 20 years experience designing and producing new products and services. AnthropoviZ is a methodology based on this quest for constant innovation, through the systematic combination of two main concepts.

Visual anthropology

It entails a scientific investigation and information gathering method, based on photographic images, designed to identify people’s individual practices, to gain a better understanding of the communities and organizations to which they belong.

Data visualization

It comprises a set of methods for graphically representing information in order make Big Data less complicated, and make sense of it, to the extent that it generates a new language (graphical semiology).


Discover the interactions that really drive your organization

AnthropoviZ provides technology that allows each member of your organization to provide information about social interactions, hardware interactions, or even those with non-material elements, using a mobile app. Each person can communicate their own view of their surroundings, identifying certain constraints or conveniences.

This means that you can look at your organization, through both the eyes of a few, and the eyes of all those working in the field. AnthropoviZ goes far beyond organizational charts and written projections to uncover the interactions that really drive your organization.

Double vision!

AnthropoviZ is a double-vision methodology that uses images to gather information (photography), to support descriptions, and also as a means of reproducing information (data visualization).

While cognitive neuroscience is mainly based on medical imaging, AnthropoviZ provides a change of scale from the individual to the collective, opening up new representations through data visualization.


A virtuous circle

AnthropoviZ provides a virtuous circle where the collected data is used to provide continuous feedback on individual actions and their organization’s performance.

By paying attention to and reporting on day-to-day interactions, you are already helping to change these interactions, to improve them, and to improve the organization itself.

AnthropoviZ highlights the interactions between people, between the organization and its environment. Analyzing these interactions and the ongoing feedback from them is all the more beneficial when it is conducted over a long period of time. AnthropoviZ helps you understand how your organization and its network live, move, adapt and transform.


The AnthropoviZ team

Alexandre Beaussier

Alexia Breuil

Edouard Blanchard

Sébastien Allain

Olga Neklyudova

Arnaud Manzi

Some of our first users

AnthropoviZ is currently being used by a number of organizations, small and large, in both France and the United States.

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